Apr 27, 2015


Sueworks throws down in Oslo Norway with a hard track by Sirv-Izm & Nic Mercer.


Had a great time at the Project Grow mural project out in New London Ct. Sueworks helped the kid put their mural up on the wall and directed them with some pointers, plus sueworks did a piece on the wall to show the kids how it's done. Thanks to HIGHER EDGE and Chris Soto fro the invite.

Apr 25, 2015

Flashback: C.R.E.A.M.

It's all about that C.R.E.A.M. and I'm getting mine!!


Check out this canvas I did a couple of years back for the Higher Edge College Access Program in New London CT. Feels good seeing it again at their office. Big shot-out to Christ Soto for making this project happen.


Met up with Artist Travis J Gibbs in New London CT, Great artist Check out his Anti-Hero Project, A Multi-Media, Counter-Culture Movement, Concepts vol 1. DUALITY.
To get a copy Contact Travis at: Travi5art@hotmail.com

Apr 24, 2015


Photo of Sueworks Mural in Jersey City for the JC Mural Project.
Photo by @Arjuram

Kicks: Next Asics Collaboration

Concepts Re-creates The Boston Tea Party For Next Asics Collaboration Launch in NYC.

One of the most monumental “that escalated quickly” events in our nation’s history is the Boston Tea Party of 1773. You all remember the lessons in elementary school social studies; the Sons of Liberty went toe to toe with the British Parliament by invading one of their ships and jettisoning an entire shipment of tea into the Boston harbor, an act that sparked the American Revolution. This major event shaped the United States as we know it and serves as a significant time in Boston’s past as it established the New England metropolis as one of the most historically influential cities of the world.

On Saturday, May 2nd, Concepts of Cambridge, MA will release their next Asics Gel Lyte III collaboration inspired by this turbid moment in American history. Adorned with a patriotic ensemble of deep red, rich navy blue, and a clean bone white, the Concepts crew elevates the package with alternating Asics logos in a lustrous silver and gold and the store’s namesake pressed into the heels. Several lace options offer up a bit of versatility as well. You can purchase the Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III next Saturday at their annex location in New York City as well as their Cambridge location. Stay tuned for more details regarding pricing and availability at other locations and online.

Canibeat: EuroTripper3

Apr 23, 2015

7 Simple Photography Hacks

Watch photographer Leo Rosas demonstrate 7 simple photography tips & tricks.

Apr 22, 2015